Frequently Asked Questions

Red Arrow

There are many advantages to choosing a locally based small business like ours, but the biggest is the great service we provide. Ours is a small operation, so we know our clients and are able to accommodate all sorts of special requests and can readily answer any questions you might have.

We might have some trouble if you ordered, say, a billion toners at once – but we can definitely work with you to fulfill large orders. We deal with large organizations and government offices on a regular basis and are able to fill large orders in a minimum amount of time.

A toner is a printer cartridge. We simply call all of our toner cartridges “toners” because it makes ordering and conversation easier. Toners are the part of your printer that are designed to be replaced more often than any other part.

Usually it will be dropped off the very next day – sometimes even the same day. Because we primarily service the Greater Victoria region, we’re able to get your orders on one of our delivery trucks right away and hand deliver it to you.

The main difference between Compatible and Original Equipment Manufacturer toners is name brand. Many brands suggest you replace toners with the same brand name since they make a higher profit margin on them. Compatible toners are 99% identical to the OEM toners and are often even manufactured at the same factory. It simply comes down to brand recognition. We stand 100% behind both.

One of our knowledgeable delivery staff will be delivering to you in person. All of our delivery staff are highly experienced in all aspects of printers and will be able to help you with any issues you might have with yours. If you’ve got questions about printers, fire away! Or, you can call us at the shop.

That’s fine by us! Just call us or order online and we will deliver your toner the next day – plus we’ll take away your old toners and dispose of them in an environmentally responsible way.

Call us. You’ll get a real human on the line who is able to help you right away. If we can’t solve your issue through trouble-shooting that way, we’ll send someone over directly to work to solve the problem in person.
We're good. We're fast. We're local. All with an undeniably personal service.